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Car Accident Fatalities Increasing in Kentucky

November 18, 2016

Did you know the rate of auto accident fatalities in Kentucky is increasing? The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety said there were 640 accident fatalities as of October 24 (when the press release was issued). That’s 29 more deaths than the same time in 2015.

Here are several other startling facts about the 640 fatalities:

  • 238 of the people who died were not wearing seat belts
  • 154 deaths occurred in accidents caused by driver inattention
  • 110 deaths occurred in accidents involving alcohol
  • 90 deaths occurred in accidents caused by speeding
  • 59 of the deceased were traveling as pedestrians when involved in the deadly accidents
  • 81 deaths were motorcycle riders
  • 50 of the deceased motorcycle riders were not wearing helmets

You can read the full press release here.

This tragic uptick in roadway deaths reflects a rising trend of auto accident deaths nationwide. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said estimates for the first half of 2016 showed a 10.4 percent jump compared to the first half of 2015.

These deaths are devastating. They are indeed tragedies, and they also serve as important reminders that we should all do our best to be better drivers. The US Department of Transportation says about 90 percent of all crashes are a result of a preventable driver error. With the Thanksgiving holiday this week, roads will be busy, people will be stressed, and you can expect generally hectic traveling conditions. So please take a moment to remind yourself of these basic safer driving habits:

  • Make sure you and your passengers are buckled
  • Eliminate those distractions that can be eliminated, such as texting, talking on a cell phone and arguing with passengers
  • Don’t drive drowsy
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Obey posted speed limits
  • Make sure your vehicle is up-to-date on maintenance

Please see more tips here.