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How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

July 20, 2020

The period after a serious injury is full of difficult questions. What is my prognosis? How much will my insurance cover for treatment? How long will I be unable to work? What does the future look like for me and my family?

Finding a qualified personal injury attorney should not be one of the challenges you face. That said, the number of lawyers you find in a simple online search might make the process seem overwhelming. However, you can narrow your search by looking for a few key qualities.

Keep reading for more information on how to find the best personal injury attorney for your needs and goals. Or, if you need immediate assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the Karl Truman Law Office by calling (502) 222-2222 for service in and around Louisville, Kentucky, or (812) 282-8500 for service in and around Jeffersonville, Indiana.

1. Focus on Personal Injury Law

Some law firms have attorneys who accept a wide variety of different cases. Others, however, focus on one area of law.

The advantage of choosing a lawyer or law firm dedicated to personal injury law is cohesive experience. Everyone at the firm, from the attorneys to the staff, is accustomed to trying personal injury cases. As a result, not only is the team well-versed in relevant laws and procedures, but they know the questions and concerns personal injury clients often have.

This enables the law firm to provide a consistent client experience, which is invaluable for trying personal injury claims effectively and efficiently.

2. Positive, Informative Reviews

Most people don’t buy a product or invest in a service without first reading reviews. This is especially important when you’re trying to find a lawyer to handle your personal injury case.

It is worth taking the time to look beyond the number of stars to see what clients actually have to say about their experience. Some of the most important things to look for when reading attorney reviews include:

  • The authenticity of the reviewer (i.e., do the accounts read like they are from actual clients, rather than an employee or friend of the firm?)
  • The type of case the firm helped them to resolve
  • Attorneys or staff members they highlight by name
  • Their satisfaction with the response time from the attorney or firm
  • Their satisfaction with how completely team members answered their questions and addressed their concerns
  • Their satisfaction with the outcome
  • The response from the firm

Client reviews are one of the most compelling factors in any injured person’s decision to hire an attorney. If the reviews are predominantly negative or you see multiple mentions of a particular issue, it may be worthwhile to keep looking for another lawyer or law firm.

3. Results

No two personal injury cases are identical. The facts may be similar between one claim and another, but the individual circumstances are too different for an accurate side-by-side comparison. Therefore, it is important never to assume that a successful outcome in a case that is superficially similar to yours means that you will get the same results.

That said, a successful outcome in a case with circumstances like the ones you face does demonstrate proof of the attorney’s experience in matters similar to your claim. While not guaranteeing a victory or recovery like the one in the prior case, the verdict or settlement may suggest that the lawyer is capable of handling a claim like yours.

Before making an assumption, it is important to confer with the lawyer on the details of your case and make sure he or she has the experience to take on your claim. Much like finding an attorney who focuses on personal injury law, identifying lawyers who have worked on cases like yours and prevailed is a good barometer of which attorney may be a good fit for you.

4. Experience Handling Cases in Your Area

Civil law, including the statutes governing personal injury and wrongful death claims, varies by state. Filing requirements may differ by county or city, and individual courts hear different kinds of cases.

Some law firms advertise that they accept cases throughout the country. They might even have a local office serving clients in major metropolitan areas. However, these firms generally don’t have the roots in the community that locally owned and operated firms have.

Attorneys and staff who are based in the community know the local court system. They know the judges and clerks, and they may have faced the opposition counsel in court before. As a result, choosing an attorney who is entrenched in the community comes with extensive experience navigating the court where your case may be tried, as well as the parties involved.

5. Free Consultation

Any attorney or law firm focused on personal injury law should offer prospective clients a free consultation. Most people who have suffered serious injury are already facing significant financial pressure, so it is in the lawyer’s best interest to meet with potential clients free of charge.

During this free consultation, the lawyer should review the fee structure used by the firm. In the majority of personal injury cases, this will be a contingency fee agreement. With this arrangement, clients do not have to pay attorney fees unless the firm prevails in the case. In the event of a favorable verdict or settlement, the client owes a percentage of the recovered amount to the attorney.

The free consultation and fee agreement are just two components of the factors you should evaluate at the initial meeting. Ultimately, the consultation provides you a way to refine your decision on which personal injury lawyer to hire. So, it is important to take into account the following:

  • Interactions with office staff
  • How the attorney presents him- or herself to you
  • How completely the lawyer answers your questions
  • The insights he or she provides on whether or not you have a case, what your case may be worth, etc.
  • Next steps, should you decide to hire the attorney

Your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer should require no obligation on your part – financially or in terms of forming an attorney-client relationship. The decision of which lawyer to hire is yours, and all of the attorneys you consult with should respect that.

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