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Criminal and Civil Cases Continue Against Clark County Child Molester

Criminal and Civil Cases Continue Against Clark County Child Molester

March 20, 2019

Michael Begin, who was arrested on suspicion of child molestation and eventually charged with 27 counts against 20 victims, entered a blind plea for 20 of the charges. This plea affects the civil charges against him, as it can stand as proof that he committed the acts. This in turn takes away a potential defense of uncertainty that could otherwise have been used.

Karl Truman is representing 5 of the victims in civil court, and he takes the stand that the institutions who allowed Michael Begin to molest so many young victims without noticing or taking action must be held accountable. Begin was allowed to work unsupervised with children as young as 3, and was able to continue his actions for far longer than he should have.

Begin’s sentencing hearing is tomorrow, March 21. He could be facing anywhere between 2 to 120 years in prison. Once he is sentenced, the civil cases can move forward unimpeded. Karl Truman knows that monetary compensation cannot reverse the unthinkable acts that occurred. However, by holding the YMCA and the Greater Clark County School Corporation accountable, he hopes that incidents such as this will never occur again.

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