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How to Drive Safely for Todays Weather in Louisville

November 18, 2015

Driving Safer in Inclement Louisville Weather

Louisville’s weather is a little on the inclement side today. In addition to the rain we’ve received, there’s a wind advisory in effect until 4pm. Traffic can get snarled in this type of weather, and the following conditions today can increase the risk of auto accidents:

  • Heavy rain
  • Sustained winds of 15-30 mph
  • Wind gusts of up to 40 mph

Please consider these tips to drive safer in Louisville’s weather today:

In high winds, keep both hands on the wheel to prevent losing control if a wind gust jerks your vehicle. Reduce your speed to better maintain control of your vehicle and to have a better chance at avoiding objects blown into your path. Be especially cautious if you drive an SUV or other high-profile vehicle, as they are more prone to getting pushed around or flipped over by high winds.

In heavy rain, reduce your speed to avoid hydroplaning. When you hydroplane, your tires ride on top of the rain and you can lose traction altogether. You should also slow down to allow more time to stop, turn and make other maneuvers that are more difficult to perform in the heavy rain. Don’t drive through areas of deep water if you can avoid it because moving water can make your vehicle drift and cause you to lose control. Turn your headlights on, signal your intentions to turn well in advance, and pull over to a safe spot if it’s raining so much that you can’t see.