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4th of July Travel Safety Tips

July 2, 2015

This 4th of July weekend is expected to be one of the busiest times for travel in the US. Many people will be travelling by motor vehicle for recreation, family barbecues and other relaxing endeavors. In fact, AAA estimates 41.9 million Americans will travel 50  miles or farther from their homes for the Independence Day weekend. The organization says this is a 0.7 percent increase compared to 2014.

A long weekend is a great time to travel with friends or family. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by considering the following tips to avoid accidents and enjoy safer travel:

  • Eliminate driving distractions such as smartphones, unnecessary navigation device usage and avoidable in-dash infotainment usage. Remember that your primary task is to keep your eyes, mind and hands on the duty of driving. Even conversations with passengers or eating a snack behind the wheel can be a dangerous driving habit.
  • Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape to prevent breakdowns, tire blowouts, mechanical failures and other problems. Not only are these incidents a hassle, but they can place you in a dangerous situation if you lose control of your car or if you have to stand on the side of the road. Have your vehicle tuned up, check your tire pressure, and check the function of your windshield wipers.
  • Make sure you and all of your passengers wear seatbelts. Seatbelts have been shown to be a critical piece of safety equipment in the event of an accident. They may prevent you from suffering a more serious or fatal injury.

With relatively low gas prices, nice weather and a long weekend ahead, it’s a great time to hit the road! We wish you a safe, happy Independence Day filled with fun, family, great food and lasting memories.