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Sunday, June 14 is Flag Day in America

June 10, 2015

June 14 is Flag DayFlag Day is a special day set aside in our calendar to honor and appreciate the American flag and its history. The first Flag Day was observed on June 14 in 1877, according to It marked the 100th anniversary of the day the American Flag was adopted. On that day in 1877, Congress required all public buildings in the USA to fly the American flag. That day didn’t become a national day of observance until 1949.

On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the American flag in a resolution stating that the flag would be 13 alternate stripes of red and white, and the Union of 13 white stars in a blue field.

To commemorate the adoption of the American flag and all it stands for, consider the following Flag Day ideas:

  • Fly the American flag at your home or business
  • Attend your community’s Flag Day celebrations
  • See if your city is holding a Flag Day parade
  • Tell your children about how and why the American flag was created
  • Observe proper flag etiquette, including – display the flag from sunrise to sunset, never after dark unless the flag is illuminated; place the flag at the top of a single staff if the staff has other flags; do not display the flag if the weather is bad and you think it may damage the flag.