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A group of people riding a bike in downtown

TJs Bill Filed in Kentucky Today

January 14, 2016

A new bicycle helmet bill is set to be filed today in Kentucky’s capital, Frankfort. It’s known as “T.J.’s bill,” and it asks for new legislation that requires children 12 years of age and younger to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle in Kentucky, according to Louisville bicycle accidents injure children every year, and a helmet law could help to decrease the brain injuries resulting from these accidents, say the bill’s supporters.

According to WLKY, the bill is named after a 7th grader who suffered a severe brain injury about 6 years ago. T.J. was riding his bicycle when he fell to the pavement and hit his head; he was not wearing a helmet at the time. Ever since, his mother has been fighting to prevent injuries like those that happened to her son and she is pushing for the passage of T.J.’s bill. WLKY says that T.J. continues to make amazing strides in his recovery, but he is still facing many obstacles because of his injury.

If passed, the bill means a parent could be fined $25 if their child (12 or younger) is not wearing a helmet while on a bicycle. WLKY says both T.J. and his mom will be in Frankfort today to help introduce the proposed law.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, proper use of bike helmets reduces head injuries and fatalities that can result from bike accidents. In fact, the CDC says a 2001 study found that helmets reduced head injuries by 60 percent and deaths by 73 percent, according to research studies published in the decade from 1987 to 1998.