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Catastrophic Injuries

When you suffer a serious injury, it can have dire ramifications for your life and the lives of your loved ones and dependents. Personal injury cases typically involve the most severe types of physical injury that are catastrophic in magnitude.

Although you may feel your life has been forever changed, the experienced Kentucky and Indiana injury lawyers at the Karl Truman Law Office can inform you of your options for pursuing compensation for this devastating accident. For a free case evaluation, please call us at  812-282-8500.

Life-Altering Catastrophic Injury Consequences

Catastrophic injuries can have a devastating impact on your life. Whether you or a loved one suffered the injury, the consequences for these types of injury may include:

  • Short-term or permanent disability
  • Permanent disfigurement and scarring
  • Amputation of limbs
  • Impairment of motor skills, physical abilities and/or cognition
  • Behavioral and social changes
  • Emotional changes
  • Sensory changes
  • Necessity for long-term medical rehabilitation
  • Necessity for around-the-clock care and assistance
  • Necessity for special education services

These outcomes will place burdens on you that are financial, physical and emotional. Although nothing can undo the irreparable wrong you have suffered, we may be able to help you recover compensation, which can relieve some of the financial burden associated with the injury.

Getting Help after a Catastrophic Injury

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, or in another type of incident caused by someone else’s negligence, then you can pursue compensation in a personal injury claim. Our experienced and aggressive injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience to resolve your case however necessary, including taking it to trial or negotiating the terms of a settlement.

Every personal injury case is a little different, but generally when compensation is awarded, it is awarded for things including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages and income
  • Pain and suffering

We have extensive experience fighting for the best possible outcomes to the catastrophic injury cases we handle. We believe you deserve compensation for an injury you suffered through no fault of your own. The only way to know if you have a case is to consult our experienced lawyers and get your questions answered.

If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence or careless behavior, please contact the Karl Truman Law Office online or call (502) 222-2222 for a free case evaluation and to learn more about our experienced Jeffersonville and Louisville injury attorneys.