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Karl Truman Personal Injury Law Podcast

The Colonel

In Your Corner

Louisville personal injury lawyer and retired Army LTC Karl Truman has been fighting for the people for more than three decades.

Karl Truman's The Colonel in your Corner Podcast
In this dynamic show, Karl introduces listeners to attorneys, veterans, physicians, community leaders, and other experts with a long history of fighting for the people.

Tune in each week as guests and the Colonel break down personal injury law and insurance company tactics, offer helpful tips for victims of car accidents and other personal injury scenarios, and share stores and insight from their history of community services.

It’s an enlightening and engaging conversation of insight and experience that shouldn’t be missed!

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Recent Episodes

EPS. 025 -
  February 8, 2024 |  
39 min
Featuring Sherice Kral

In this episode, we sit down with the remarkable Sherice Kral, a U.S. veteran with 10 years of dedicated service and the founder of The Entrepreneur's Edge. Sherice's journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring, as she has continually excelled in various fields throughout her career.

They discuss:

  • Military Transition's Impact on Relationships
  • Leadership Development, Networking, and Changing Lives
  • Succeeding in Life

Sherice Kral 
Founder, ⁠The Entrepreneur's Edge
FB- ⁠@OfficialShericeKral⁠
IG- ⁠@Entrepreneurs_edge⁠
LinkedIn- ⁠Sherice Kral⁠ 

Karl Truman Law Office

FB- @KarlTrumanLaw
LinkedIn- @Karl Truman

EPS. 024 -
  December 6, 2023 |  
13 min
Featuring Chris Cruise

The Colonel is joined by Chris Cruise. US Military veteran & Co-Owner, Chris Cruise, understands well the value of patriotism. Seeking a meaningful way to express that, Chris & his wife, Amber, started producing hand-crafted American flags.

They discuss:

  • Founding of Cruise Customs
  • The mission of Cruise Customs
  • The importance of serving local businesses

Chris Cruise
Co-Owner, Cruise Customs

FB- Cruise Customs
IG- @cruisecustomsflags
LinkedIn- @Cruisecustomsflags

Karl Truman Law Office

FB- @KarlTrumanLaw
LinkedIn- @Karl Truman

EPS. 023 -
  September 28, 2023 |  
26 min
Featuring Jeremy Harrell

The Colonel is joined by CEO of the Veterans Club, Jeremy Harrell. As an OIF combat veteran, Harrell knows the struggles veterans face and how critical it is to have a mission and purpose. The simple yet profound desire to fill this need inspired the founding of Veterans Club and Harrell hopes to continue the reach and impact of the already thriving non-profit.

They discuss:

  • Founding of Veterans Club
  • The mission of Veterans Club
  • Who does the Veterans Club serve?
  • How can fellow veterans and people get involved?

Jeremy Harrell

CEO, Veterans Club

FB - @VeteransClubKY⁠

IG - @VeteransClubInc

LinkedIn - @VeteransClubInc

Karl Truman Law Office


FB - ⁠⁠⁠@KarlTrumanLaw⁠⁠⁠

IG - ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

YouTube - ⁠⁠⁠@ktrumanlaw⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

EPS. 022 -
  September 11, 2023 |  
24 min
Featuring Sarah Green

The Colonel is joined by Director of the Jeffersonville Animal Shelter, Sarah Green. Sarah shares her journey to becoming Director of the shelter, the goals she and her team have, and how thankful they are for the volunteers that are critical to the shelter's success...

They discuss:

  • History of the shelter
  • TNR = Major drop in euthanasia rate
  • Services offered by Jeffersonville Animal Shelter
  • Microchipping & registering
  • And more...

Sarah Green

Director, Jeffersonville Animal Shelter

FB - @JeffersonvilleAnimalShelter

Karl Truman Law Office


FB - ⁠⁠@KarlTrumanLaw⁠⁠

IG - ⁠⁠⁠⁠

YouTube - ⁠⁠@ktrumanlaw⁠

EPS. 021 -
  August 9, 2023 |  
27 min
Featuring Harlan Schillinger

The Colonel is joined by Harlan Schillinger to talk motorcycles and Sturgis! Harlan Schillinger has over four decades (46 years) of experience in legal advertising with a passion for legal marketing, intake, and conversion, and is widely considered the Grandfather of Legal Advertising, being the very first in the Legal field to produce and market Television Advertising for the Legal community.

They discuss:

  • Motorcycle Safety
  • The History of Sturgis
  • What to Expect at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Harlan Schillinger

Karl Truman Law Office


FB - ⁠@KarlTrumanLaw⁠

IG - ⁠⁠

YouTube - ⁠@ktrumanlaw


EPS. 020 -
  June 22, 2023 |  
12 min
Featuring Jay Huber

The Colonel is joined by Jay Huber of Ride Smart Kentucky! Established in 1992 to help new riders learn the needed skills on the roadways to be safe, as well as veteran riders to hone and improve their skills. The program is paid for in part by a portion of all motorcycle license and registration fees to help subsidize the costs of providing the classes.

They discuss:

  • Advocating for the motorcycle community
  • History of the program
  • Motorcycle legislation
  • The future of Ride Smart Kentucky

Jay Huber

Program Administrator - Ride Smart KY

Karl Truman Law Office


FB - ⁠@KarlTrumanLaw⁠

IG - ⁠⁠

YouTube - ⁠@ktrumanlaw

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