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Thank you for such a caring staff. Thanks again and I will gladly recommend anyone to your office for your professional service.


Taylor Rocky is very knowledgable in her field, consistent with professional telephone etiquette, quick to respond to questions, quick to research and respond with answers. Her consistent professionalism is above and beyond and is an asset to your highly professional and proficient team.

-Rodney Eric Fischer

Taylor has been wonderful to work with. She has answered any questions I had very quickly and completely. She has shown caring for my injuries and kept with my PT schedule as well as getting the first appointment set up and scheduled.

-Susan Lockhart

The staff is great, as so is Rhonda & Mark.


Through the whole disability process I was kept informed of each step of my case. Miranda is a wonderful assistant and Evan was an amazing attorney. I would recommend the Truman Law Office to all my friends.

-Deborah Tinsley

The reason I checked usually is because at the time that person was in meetings when I called. Overall, I am satisfied so far with the services I have received. I will definitely let my friends know about your firm.


So the question is " What do you recommend about the Karl Truman Law Office?" Would the answer " everything " suffice? I highly recommend the Karl Truman Law Office. The knowledge, integrity, professionalism, and passion to help clients is unmatched. They are truly on your side and are very intentional on considering your best interest. I have used them personally and never left a conversation without an understanding of what is needed, my options, and what can be done. They are very forthright about whether you have a case or not as to not string you along or take advantage of anyone. I received same day responses sometimes in merely minutes. I can go on and on but I summarized for the sake of the length of the review. Lastly, knowing Karl as an active member of the Veteran community, I have yet to meet such a person of integrity. That bleeds over to how he manages his law firm as well. His generosity and character is truly what you'd want to see in an attorney that you hire. The Karl Truman Law Office will always be my first call for personal injury and even VA Disability questions.

-Jeremy Harrell

This is a very respectful place to come to and the people are wonderful and generous.

-Danielle D.

Very nice people, also very friendly.


Very kind staff! Appreciate everything you guys have done for me! Truly above + beyond!

-Maria G. Obright