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Flag Ride for USA Cares, Saturday July 15, Sponsored by Karl Truman, Lieutenant Colonel (USA Retired)

Karl Truman Sponsoring Motorcycle Ride to Benefit USA Cares

July 11, 2017

As a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Army, Karl Truman is always on the lookout for ways to help out fellow veterans. On July 15, 2017, he is sponsoring a motorcycle ride out of Bluegrass Harley for the benefit of USA Cares, a program which helps veterans with housing and emergency assistance, medical treatments, and career transitions.

What is USA Cares?

USA Cares offers grants to veterans, rather than loans. This means that veterans are under no obligation to pay back any assistance given, which helps them get back on their feet quicker and transition to civilian life more easily.

In addition, USA Cares is able to offer assistance within 48 hours of a request being made. This quick turnaround time is one of the hallmarks of the program. Veterans do not have to wait for weeks or months while bureaucratic red tape is navigated.

85% of any money raised goes directly to programs and services, with only around 15% being allocated towards administrative and fundraising costs.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

A large group of motorcyclists will be participating in this event, so we at Truman Law would like to offer some safety tips in order to avoid motorcycle accidents:

  • Keep a safe distance from other motorcyclists as well as automobiles
  • Be aware of road hazards and other vehicles
  • Wear a helmet and protective clothing
  • Drive at a safe speed
  • Do not drink and drive

We hope that following these tips will help make this event safe and fun.

If you or someone you know has been in a motorcycle accident, Mr. Truman is an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who has helped many motorcyclists obtain justice and compensation. Call Truman Law at 502-222-2222 for a free case evaluation.