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Local Motorcycle Crash Reported to be Caused by a Drunk Driver

Local Motorcycle Crash Reported to be Caused by a Drunk Driver

September 25, 2019

Motorcyclist traveling on a highway at sunsetTwo motorcyclists have died as a result of an apparent drunk driving crash caused by an oncoming vehicle. One motorcyclist died at the scene while another was taken to a hospital, where he died a couple days later. According to WHAS11, a 24-year-old man has been arrested and charged with murder, assault and DUI, according to the news report. He was driving the motor vehicle that hit the motorcycle riders.

The accident occurred at the Manslick Road – Rosewood Way intersection in Louisville, according to WHAS11. Initial reports are saying the suspected drunk driver was traveling at a high rate of speed and swerving around vehicles, then crossed the centerline and hit the two motorcyclists head-on as they were traveling southbound and the motorist was traveling in the other direction.

WHAS11 also reports the motorcyclists were not wearing helmets at the time of the crash. This would be completely within their rights according to the Kentucky helmet law. Tragically, careless and negligent drivers often cause motorcycle accidents.

“Unfortunately this is a situation I have seen far too often handling these type of cases. I am currently handling multiple cases involving the death and serious injury to a motorcycle rider when a car turned into them.”

-Karl Truman is the author of “Protecting Motorcyclists in Indiana and Kentucky: A consumer’s blueprint for buying motorcycle insurance and 179 motorcycle riding tips that could save your life.”

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