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The Dangers of Aggressive Driving

October 11, 2017

According to AAA, over 50% of drivers engaged in some type of aggressive behavior while driving over the past year. Aggressive driving is a leading cause of car accidents on the road, along road rage car crash lawyer louisville kywith drunk driving and distracted driving. Aggressive drivers often engage in deliberately dangerous actions on the road, such as tailgating or speeding in heavy traffic, which can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

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Recognizing Aggressive Driving

Angry, aggressive drivers are common on the roads, so you should be able to identify dangerous driving and take steps to protect yourself. Some common actions of aggressive drivers include:

  • Not keeping a safe following distance (tailgating)
  • Flashing high beams or braking suddenly in order to “punish” other drivers
  • Pulling in front of another driver and abruptly slowing down
  • Recklessly speeding
  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Changing lanes without signaling or checking for other drivers
  • Blasting the car horn
  • Blocking another driver from passing

If you see someone engaging in these behaviors, try to keep a safe distance away from them. Let them pass you if necessary. Ignore any shouted insults or angry gestures, and stay calm. The last thing you want is to be provoked into causing an accident yourself.

The Difference Between Aggressive Driving and “Road Rage”

Someone who is driving aggressively may just be stressed or running late, and are not necessarily looking to take out their frustrations on another driver. They just want to get to their location faster, and are driving unsafely as a result.

Aggressive driving turns into road rage when the driver actively tries to cause harm to another driver. Examples of true road rage can include sideswiping or ramming into another vehicle, throwing something at another vehicle, or following another vehicle to its destination in order to physically threaten the driver. These actions are both illegal and highly dangerous. If you see someone engaging in road rage, call 911 immediately. If the road rage is directed toward you and you feel unsafe, pull off the road into a public place such as a busy gas station, supermarket, or police station.

If you were the victim of an accident caused by road rage, call car accident attorney Karl Truman as soon as possible. If a loved one was killed in a road rage incident, contact Mr. Truman about a possible wrongful death case.

 Avoid Being An Aggressive Driver

As more and more people are on the roads and congestion grows, stress and frustration also mount. However, a single bad decision on the road while driving could have devastating consequences. Here are some tips for staying calm in the driver’s seat:

  • Leave enough time to get to your destination. Running late builds stress and may prompt speeding and other unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Don’t let other drivers get to you. Stay calm and collected, and don’t take other drivers’ actions personally.
  • Try to avoid peak traffic hours. If this isn’t possible, try listening to soothing music or an audiobook to keep your interest up and blood pressure down.
  • Try not to drive at all if you’re already angry, stressed, or frustrated. Take some time to cool off before getting behind the wheel.

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