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About Our Law Firm Serving Jeffersonville

The attorneys and entire staff at the Karl Truman Law Office are personally committed to representing families and individuals throughout the Jeffersonville area. We are proud to be a part of this community, and we will fight tirelessly for what is in your best interest. Keep reading to learn more about what makes Jeff unique, and why we are proud to work and live in this one-of-a-kind region.

The Ohio River

Jeff is situated directly across from the Falls of the Ohio and from Louisville. The presence of the mighty Ohio River alone makes Jeffersonville unlike many other American towns. The Falls are important historically because they presented a navigation obstacle to people traveling on the river in the 18th and 19th centuries. Many of the towns surrounding the Falls came into being because people on the river needed help from the townspeople to portage around the Falls.

The entire rock formation beneath the Falls is a type of rock known as Jeffersonville limestone, so called because of the large number of fossils contained in the rock, which used to be clearly visible where the rock is located near Jeffersonville. In years since, changes in the flow of the river have submerged these fossils.

The Big Four Bridge

If you were so inclined, you could travel between the Louisville and Jeffersonville offices of our law firm via the Big Four Bridge, by foot or on bicycle! Starting at Louisville Waterfront Park, you could travel across the impressive mile-long bridge, safely away from motorized vehicles, and arrive at the Big Four Station open space park in downtown Jeffersonville, just a few blocks from our office.

The Big Four Bridge is truly a testament to the spirit of Jeffersonville and Louisville. Originally constructed in 1895 and later closed for many years, the Big Four Bridge opened its Jeffersonville ramp in May 2014, and has been enjoyed by local families, couples and visitors ever since. In the event you are involved in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, our experienced lawyers can help you decide what to do next, including whether you want to file a claim to pursue compensation for your injuries.

A Long History of Shipbuilding

Jeffersonville is the location of early American shipbuilding, which continues to be an important job industry for the city. Jeffboat is one of the biggest ship manufacturers in the US and it’s located right in Jeffersonville. You can learn all about it at the historic Howard Steamboat Museum. The attorneys at the Karl Truman Law Office have extensive experience with various maritime claims, including those that fall under the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

The attorneys and staff at the Karl Truman Law Office are proud to serve the community of Jeffersonville. Our Jeff office is located at 420 Wall Street, not far from the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge and the Big Four Bridge. To schedule a consultation, please call our experienced team at (812) 282-8500 or 812-282-8500.