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Every year in the U.S., almost half a million people seek medical treatment for burn injuries and 40,000 of those cases require hospitalization, according to the American Burn Association.

Burn injuries can cause life-altering disfigurement, pain and suffering, and expensive medical bills. You might be unable to work and support yourself as a result of your burns, and you may face years of rehabilitation and medical treatments.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys represent burn victims throughout Kentucky and Illinois. If you or a loved one was burned because of someone else’s negligence or because of a workplace accident, please call our law firm at (502) 222-2222 for a free case evaluation.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burns are commonly the result of accidents at home. However, some severe burns are the result of auto accidentsworkplace accidents, or otherwise someone else’s carelessness causing your injury. There are several main types:

  • Thermal burns result from contact with fire or flames and are the leading cause of burn injuries in the U.S., often occurring in the home.
  • Scalds are caused by hot liquid or steam and most commonly associated with elderly, disabled or pediatric victims.  
  • Electrical burns are prevalent in construction accidents and often occur when a power source is not properly grounded or covered.
  • Chemical burns typically arise on worksites that utilize industrial compounds and can result from fume inhalation or direct contact.  

You may be entitled to compensation if your burn was caused at the workplace or because of someone else’s carelessness. Our experienced and compassionate injury lawyers will fight tirelessly to pursue compensation on your behalf.

Burn Injury Symptoms and Classification

Along with immediate pain and trauma, burn injuries can produce devastating, long-term effects such as disfigurement, muscle and organ damage, loss of sensation, and deep scarring.

Burns are generally classified into one of four different categories, depending on severity:

  • First-degree burns affect the outer layer of skin only, causing redness and slight inflammation. These burns can often be treated at home, but sometimes need medical treatment for pain and possible fluid imbalances.
  • Second-degree burns penetrate deeper epidermal layers and involve red or blotchy skin, blisters and swelling. Medical treatment may be necessary depending on the severity of the injury.
  • Third-degree burns destroy all skin layers and are distinguished by a charred, leathery appearance. Third-degree burns are severe and require medical treatment.
  • Fourth-degree burns reach beyond the skin layers to harm muscles, organs and bones. Hospitalization is always necessary for these extreme cases.

Why Hire an Experienced Burn Injury Attorney for Your Case?

We Can Help You Prove You Weren’t to Blame

Burn injuries are especially likely in cases with complex questions about who caused the accident and who should be responsible for the injuries. This also includes cases where “victim blaming” is a serious problem.

For example, burn injuries occur frequently on construction sites. In these cases, burn victims may not only have a workers’ compensation claim against their direct employer, but also a burn injury claim against other third parties (site owner, general contractor, subcontractor, etc.) who may have been responsible.

Another example: serious burns are common among motorcycle accident victims. Because motorcyclists have an unfair reputation for being reckless thrill seekers, they’re less likely to receive the benefit of the doubt from skeptical juries when there’s any question about the facts of the case.

An experienced Indiana and Kentucky burn injury attorney can help you:

  • Thoroughly investigate the accident and the root causes of your injury
  • Uncover all potential sources of insurance coverage and legal claims that might be available to you
  • Establish who was responsible
  • Help you hold them accountable

We Will Fight for Truly Fair Compensation

Serious burns can result in significant medical bills for extended hospital stays, skin grafts, and treatment for infections and other medical complications.

But on top of the financial costs, burn injuries are particularly likely to stick with you for the rest of your life, even after all the medical bills have been paid. While even a severely broken bone might heal completely after several months, burns frequently leave victims with significant scarring and, in some cases, permanent disfigurement. Post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological issues are also exceedingly common.

Burns can also be intensely painful injuries. In the most severe cases, burn victims are sometimes placed in medically induced comas to help them avoid the significant pain of the first few days of recovery.

What this means is that fair financial compensation in a burn injury case might involve a greater-than-average amount of non-economic damages. But because these costs can’t be directly tied to specific bills or financial costs, insurance companies frequently minimize and undervalue them.

The severe injury attorneys at the Karl Truman Law Office recognize the staggering physical, financial, and emotional impacts of burn injuries, including:

  • Emergency care
  • Surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy
  • Loss of work
  • Counseling
  • Ongoing assisted care

Working with a qualified personal injury lawyer is a critical first step in seeking the maximum compensation for your unique situation. Our experience in burn injury cases gives you an excellent advantage in regaining your sense of financial stability and beginning to heal from the trauma of your burns.

We Can Help You Get the Support You Need

At Truman Law Office, we are 100% committed to giving all our clients the care, attention, and support they need. That is a promise that goes beyond simply providing legal advice.

Burn injury victims often require lengthy hospitalizations and treatment from multiple different specialists. They also frequently struggle to deal with emotional trauma and mental health issues, particularly if their burns have left them with very visible scarring to their face, hands, or other areas of their body.

Our goal is to make sure you know you are cared for and that you are in good hands from the moment you reach out to us. We’ll make sure you’re seeing the right doctors, following up with your treatment, and gathering the medical records you’ll need for your case. We can connect you with support groups and other mental health resources. We’ll always answer any questions you have, keep you up to date on all the legal details, and help you make wise decisions that are in your best interest.

Ultimately, it’s about taking as much stress, anxiety, and frustration away from you so that you can focus on what really matters.

Count on the Colonel

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