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If you are currently being treated for low testosterone, or “low-T”, you should be aware of recent evidence showing a possible link between testosterone treatment and an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and death. Although a cause and effect relationship has not been proven, the FDA is investigating the matter and our attorneys are reviewing claims of men who have suffered these drug injuries after using low-T treatments.

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Although no single treatment has been proven to cause heart attack or stroke, some of the common brand names for this type of medication include:

  • AndroGel
  • Testim
  • Striant
  • Depo-Testosterone
  • Axiron
  • Bio-T-Gel

If you are currently using low-testosterone treatment and have suffered a heart attack, blood clot or stroke, contact our attorneys right away. We are currently reviewing claims that patients were not warned of these serious side effects.

FDA-approved testosterone treatments may be in the form of a gel, patch, injection or cheek application. If you are currently using a testosterone treatment, you should not stop taking the medication. Discuss your concerns with your doctor before making any changes to a drug regimen.

The FDA released a safety announcement on January 31, 2014, alerting the public of the agency’s investigation into the risk of heart attack, stroke and death associated with low-testosterone treatments. The FDA decided to investigate these claims based on two studies, both of which revealed a troubling association between the medications and these serious health risks. The FDA has yet to acknowledge any link between these treatments and heart attack, stroke and death. You can read more about it on the FDA website.

The two studies prompting concern are as follows:

  • Study of US Veteran Affairs system, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), November, 2013: This observational study revealed that the men included in the study – average age 60 – had a 30 percent increased risk of stroke, heart attack and death when prescribed testosterone treatment. Many of them had underlying heart disease.
  • Observational study published January 29, 2014, conducted by US National Cancer Institute, University of California and others: A group of researchers reviewed the medical records of about 56,000 men who were being treated with testosterone formulations. About 48,000 of the men were under 65. Researchers found that after 90 days of testosterone therapy, the risk of heart attack doubled for the men under 65 who had a history of heart disease, and for men 65 and older regardless of heart disease history.

Makers of low-T treatments are already facing mounting lawsuits, with men from across the country claiming they suffered heart attacks, strokes or blood clots because of testosterone therapies, and they claim that they were not warned of the risk of these injuries as part of being prescribed the treatments.

If you suffered heart attack or stroke while being treated for low testosterone, please contact the Karl Truman Law Office online or call one of the numbers above to schedule a free consultation. Our experienced Indiana and Kentucky drug injury lawyers are currently reviewing these claims and can help you determine if you have a case.