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Is My Truck Wreck Lawyer Good? | The Karl Truman Law Office

How to Choose a Truck Accident Lawyer

August 25, 2021

Not many people are excited by the prospect of hiring a lawyer. It’s a difficult decision that can have a huge impact on the success of your case. Nevertheless, when dealing with a serious accident – as many truck accidents unfortunately are – a lawyer can be an integral part of helping you recover the compensation you deserve for your damages. 

Not only can an attorney advise you on your rights, they can also perform an investigation, gather evidence, interview witnesses, recruit the help of experts who can help solidify your claim, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent you in court. 

Finding the right attorney can be a challenging process. To help, we have compiled four critical questions that will help you determine if a truck accident lawyer is a good fit for your personal injury claim, from how much they cost to whether or not they are willing to go to trial. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Truck Accident Lawyer

While the number of lawyers you find in a search engine may be overwhelming, the good news is that the internet also allows you to research much of the information you need to answer some important questions and create a list of attorneys to meet with.

How Much Do They Cost?

Most truck accident attorneys, including the attorneys at The Karl Truman Law Office, work on what is called a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay any legal fees unless and until they recover compensation for you. If and when the attorney recovers money for you, their fee will be a percentage of your total compensation. 

This arrangement generally works very well for accident victims since they are already facing a host of expenses related to their injuries. It also gives them peace of mind that their attorney is incentivized to do everything they can to maximize their compensation. 

While the exact percentage that is charged varies from firm to firm, it’s an important question to ask any attorney you are interviewing. Beyond comparing fees, asking the question also confirms you are able to get clear, straightforward answers from attorneys about how much they charge. 

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Whenever seeking the help of a professional – whether they be a car mechanic, tailor, or attorney – experience should always be a consideration at the top of the list. 

However, when hiring a truck accident lawyer, you shouldn’t look just for any legal experience – you should look specifically for truck accident experience. 

The reason is that truck accident cases are unique in many ways. If an attorney mostly focuses on business law or family law, they may not have the experience and legal acumen to give you the representation you deserve. 

You can glean much of this information from an attorney’s website, though it is a question you should ask when discussing your case over an initial consultation. 

What Is Their Record of Success?

While experience with truck accident cases is a good place to start, you should also do some research on the quality of this experience. 

This often requires going outside of an attorney’s website – since they aren’t likely to publish anything negative about their firm themselves – including Google and Facebook. Googling the law firm’s name with “reviews” should give you a few good resources. 

You should also check to make sure the attorney is in good standing with the BBB

Do They Go to Trial?

Going to trial should never be you or your attorney’s first option. Settling outside of court is advantageous for several reasons, including that it takes less time and involves less risk. 

However, going to trial should always remain an option. In some cases, insurance companies are not willing to settle for a fair amount. Truck accidents are often expensive cases, and insurance companies often fight them with their teams of corporate attorneys. In these situations, going to trial may be the only way to pursue the compensation you need and deserve for your damages. 

That said, some attorneys avoid taking cases to trial. They may not be willing to accept the risk or they may prefer to accept a lowball settlement offer and move on to the next case. 

For truck accident victims who are facing severe and/or long-term effects of an accident, we do not recommend hiring an attorney who isn’t willing to do everything they can to help you recover as much compensation as possible – which is why you should be sure to get an answer to this question.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer In Louisville Today

There’s one more question you should ask yourself before hiring an attorney: Do you trust him or her? 

This can be a hard question to answer from browsing a website or social media presence alone, which is why you should only make your final decision after meeting with an attorney, either on the phone or in person. 

At the Karl Truman Law Office, we encourage you to call us at (502) 222-2222 to schedule a free consultation with our Louisville truck accident attorneys. We are more than willing to answer any questions you have and are fully committed to providing compassionate, experienced service.