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Smart car (HUD) and Autonomous self-driving mode vehicle on metro city road with graphic sensor signal.

Self-Driving Car Causes First Pedestrian Casualty

March 22, 2018

In Tempe, Arizona, which is one of three cities Uber has debuted its self-driving cars, a woman has been struck and killed by one of these autonomous vehicles. This is believed to be the first time that a self-driving car has caused a casualty, and this incident highlights the importance of always being cautious and aware when driving and when crossing the street.

The woman was killed after jaywalking into the street from a median. The autonomous car did not appear to sense her or slow down, and she was hit by the car at around 40 mph. However, investigation into the incident has concluded that the woman would likely have been hit even if a human had been driving the car. She came out of the shadows, at night, into the middle of a busy road.

Nonetheless, this accident brings up a larger question of liability in accidents involving autonomous vehicles. Since there is no human driver, who is liable for causing this death? Is it the manufacturer of the car, or is it Uber, the company which put the car on the street in the first place?

Fully autonomous cars are yet to become widespread, but there are many dangers on the road that you should be aware of. The majority of cars on the road are still driven by humans, who are extremely prone to error. Distracted driving, drunk driving, and drowsy driving are unfortunately quite common, and can cause devastating car accidents that may lead to severe injury or even death.

There are no fully self-driving cars in Louisville or Jeffersonville yet, but if you have been injured in an accident involving a negligent human driver, please don’t hesitate to call the Karl Truman Law Office at 502-222-2222 today to schedule your free legal consultation.