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Overhead view of someone about to climb down the ladder into the pool

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

June 19, 2015

With temperatures in Jeffersonville and Louisville forecasted to reach the upper 80s and the mid 90s for the next 10 days, a lot of families in Kentucky and Indiana are thinking about cooling off in the swimming pool this weekend. Swimming is a fun, healthy activity for you and your loved ones, and by making yourself aware of the following safety tips, you can ensure that your family stays safe this summer by avoiding swimming pool injuries:

  1. Pools should have a fence or otherwise locked enclosure to keep children away from the pool when a parent or guardian is not present to supervise.
  2. Pools should have gates and latches that snap closed without having to be manually manipulated to close.
  3. Pool drains should have anti-entrapment covers.
  4. Consider enrolling your child(ren) in an age-appropriate swim lesson.
  5. Never leave children unattended near or in a swimming pool.
  6. A good rule that is easy to remember is to always have a small child in the pool within arm’s reach.
  7. Limit or eliminate any sources of distractions – such as cell phones or reading – while you are supervising children in the pool.

Tragically, hundreds of children in the US drown in backyard swimming pools each year. Consider the tips above to prevent swimming pool accidents at your home. For more safety tips and information about swimming pool precautions, please visit the CDC swimming safety page and the American Red Cross home pool safety page.

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